TC Myths

All technical communication myths in place.

How to suggest a new myth

If you know of a technical communication myth that is missing from this site, suggest it in the comments below.

Include in your comment:

  • A short description of the myth
  • Any references made about the myth such as in a blog post, a web article, carved in a stone tablet somewhere (attach a photo, in this case, please)
  • Any other information about the myth. See an existing myth topic for the type of information I’m collecting.

What will happen to your suggestion?

  1. It’ll truly be a new myth that is referenced elsewhere:
    • I’ll add an entry about it and delete the comment.
  2. It’s really a myth, but too close to an existing myth to create a new one:
    • If you have lots of good info, I’ll update the corresponding myth.
    • If this is really just a comment on the myth, I’ll move your comment.
  3. It’s news to me, but I can’t find any additional information about it.
    • I might ask you for more information.
    • I might leave it and see if anyone else comments on it.
    • I might delete it.